What is miRTrail?

miRTrail is a web-based application to analyse the interactions between miRNAs and predicated target genes via their transcripts (mRNAs). In that respect, different aspects are of interest:
  • Analysis of dependance of the deregulation
  • Significant overlap between predicted and actual mRNAs
  • ORA of different mRNA sets (predicted targets, deregulated predicted targets, actually deregulated transcripts)
  • Overlap between the respective, significant categories
  • Network analysis (visual and computational)
    • Individual miRNAs
    • miRNA families
The Overrepresentation Analyses are preformed using the versatile gene set enrichment analysis tool GeneTrail.


For further details, we would like to also refer to the related publication 

Developement Team

miRTrail is developed at the Chair of Bioinformatics (Head Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Lenhof). The development team consists of:
  • Cedric Laczny
  • Andreas Keller
Further contributions by:
  • Andreas Gerasch (BiNA Visualizer Applet)


If you have any questions or suggestions for improving miRTrail do not hesitate to contact us by mail.

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